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A lens of positivity that focuses on the benefits a more inclusive society brings to both people with Down syndrome and the country as a whole.

Down Syndrome Ireland offers information, practical help and support. Most of all, they are a community of people who share the same journey.

Rapport supports Down Syndrome Ireland with their Employability Programme, supporting their young people with work experience and getting into meaningful careers.

#Inspire Change

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We work towards a society that enables all people with Down syndrome to participate to their fullest potential, as equal members with full entitlement as Irish citizens.


Down Syndrome Ireland supports people with Down syndrome and their families in their communities. We strive to provide consistent, high-quality advice, support and information to every person with Down syndrome to ensure that whatever their stage of life they have a network to support them.


Our purpose is to create the environment for people with Down syndrome to achieve their potential, with a particular focus on health, education, employment, and life in the community. Down Syndrome Ireland is a confederation of local branches, who work together to ensure consistency, quality and a common approach which celebrates, supports, and advocates for people with Down syndrome.

Why not visit our news section to read about Elina's work experience journey so far...

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